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Sudanese security: 58 security men were injured in demonstrations on Saturday

Sudanese security announced that 58 security personnel were injured in Saturday’s demonstrations.

Sudanese security said 114 people were arrested during demonstrations on Saturday and legal measures were taken against them.

And the Central Committee of Sudanese Doctors on Tuesday announced the death of a twenty-eight-year-old man killed on Sunday in demonstrations calling for a civilian government, while a government official spoke of documenting two episodes of rape of two participants in these gatherings.

In a statement, the committee confirmed the death of Abdel Moneim Muhammad Ali (28) after he was “shot in the head by coup forces during his participation in local processions on December 19 in Omdurman”.

As of Tuesday, according to statistics from the Medical Committee, two people have been killed and more than 300 injured during massive demonstrations on Sunday that reached the walls of the Republican Palace on the third anniversary of the 19 December 2019 revolution that overthrew Omar al-Bashir, to ask for a civilian government.

This brings the death toll to 47 since the protests began in October, the commission said.

On the other hand, Salima Al-Khalifa Ishaq, director of the Unit for Combating Violence against Women in the Ministry of Social Development of Sudan, told AFP: “We have documented two cases of rape of two demonstrators who participated at the demonstration on December 19th. “

Ishaq explained that the two cases received medical assistance, noting that “one of them wrote a report and the other refused to take legal action”, without clarifying any details about the report or the defendant.

And the Darfur Bar Association said last Monday in a statement that “several serious crimes occurred after the march on December 19 and among the most heinous and serious crimes was the rape of women”.

The commission added that “according to the testimony of some rapists, some of them have been threatened to open complaints against them for practicing prostitution, in order to force them into silence”.

The Darfur region in the west of the country is one of the most common areas in Sudan where rape crimes are rampant.

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