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Sudanese Security Uses Gas to Stop Protesters Reaching Presidential Palace

On Tuesday, Sudanese security forces fired tear gas to disperse thousands of protesters in the capital, Khartoum, and prevent them from reaching the presidential palace.

Protesters gathered in Al-Arbaeen Street in Omdurman, Al-Dim district, south of Khartoum, Al-Mashada station in Bahri city and Hilla Coco in East Nile locality, and headed to the presidential palace, but the security forces there they quickly dealt with using tear gas, water cannons and sound bombs.

The demonstrators raised banners and chanted slogans rejecting the framework agreement signed between civilians and military leaders on December 5 and demanding the restoration of the civilian democratic path, the responsibility of those responsible for the killing of the demonstrators and the release of detained politicians and members of resistance committees.

Violent clashes took place between security forces and protesters on the roads leading to the palace, and hit-and-run operations took place between the two sides in the alleyways of Khartoum 2, which is about six kilometers from the palace.

Eyewitnesses told Arab World News Agency that security forces fired tear gas to disperse protesters near Omdurman’s parliament buildings and the entrance to the Mak Nimr bridge connecting the cities of Khartoum and North Khartoum, resulting in injuries among the protesters.

The resistance committees, which organize protests after the measures taken by the army commander, Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan on October 25, 2021, called today’s procession “the conclusion of the farce”.

“We know you exist and you are fed up with the behavior of your leaders,” he said on Monday in a message addressed to the Sudanese.

And he added: “And we promise you that the end of this farce is near… Stay with your people”.

Moamen Abdel Hakam, a member of the resistance committees, said they would work seriously “to bring down the coup and put an end to the farce of the framework agreement”.

This is the sixth demonstration in February in the calendar issued by the resistance committees.


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