Sudanese sovereignty: the restructuring of the Council corrects the course of the revolution

After the reform of the Sovereign Council in Sudan led by Abdel-Fattah Al-Burhan, council member Yasser Al-Atta said today, Friday, that the formation of the new council is part of the correction of the course of the December revolution to consolidate the foundations of the civil status.

In a statement to the Sovereign Council, he added that the step came “after a long process of consultations with all the components of the political and social forces”.

He also added that the door for consultations is open and continuous in order to achieve political reconciliation, leading to free and fair elections.

Yesterday Al-Burhan announced the new Sovereignty Council, which included 14 members, led by him and on behalf of Lieutenant General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo (nicknamed Hemedti).

While several local parties have criticized this council, considering it only represents itself.

This step came after negotiations with the country’s civilian component, led by the dissolved government’s prime minister, faltered, after Hamdok insisted on canceling the exceptional measures announced by the military on the 25th of last month and releasing all detainees. .

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