Suicide, burning a corpse and the last sentence he uttered . Confessions of Hitler’s pilot

While the last moments in the life of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler are still obscure despite the decades since his death, the Russian Federal Security Service has released new archival documents confirming the suicide of the leader of Nazi Germany in late April. 1945, revealing his last meetings and details of the last moments of his life.

Investigation file and confessions

The documents are this time in the investigation file into Hitler’s former personal pilot, who also held a high position in the police, called Gans Bauer, an investigation that took place with him initially in the Novgorod region of Russia.

Bauer wrote his autobiography in German, which was translated in Russian, and in later testified during interrogation by the Soviet Security Service in December 1945.

A photograph of Bauer with Hitler was also published, taken in early September 1932 during the election campaign for Hitler’s election as German Chancellor.

According to Bauer’s interrogation, Hitler’s inner circle, who stood beside him in the basement of the Reich Chancellery in Berlin until the end of April 1945, did not know his leader’s ultimate intentions.

“Only on April 30, in the afternoon, did he call me with my lieutenant colonel Betz, Hitler greeted me in corridor and led me to his room, “he said.” He shook my hand and let me know he wanted to say hello and I want to thank you for all the years of service. “

‘Make the final decision’

He added: “He (Hitler) is getting old and tired. His hands were shaking and it was clear to me that he had made the final decision to commit suicide.”

According to the documents released, Hitler told Bauer that he wanted to give him his favorite painting as a souvenir, a portrait of King Frederick the Great by Rembrandt that hung in Hitler’s room.

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Bauer tried to dissuade Hitler from committing suicide, “because everything will collapse in a few hours. “Hitler replied:” My soldiers can’t stand it and don’t want to go on, I can’t stand it anymore . “The Russians are at Potsdamer Platz and they can capture him alive, using sleeping gas.”


He said the Nazi leader had ordered the burning of his body and that of his wife, Eva Braun, because he feared they would be hanged and healed, and his fate would be that of the leader of fascist Italy, Benito Mussolini.

Bauer said the last words he heard from Hitler before shaking his hand and leaving were: “One day later they will have to write on my tombstone that I have fallen victim to my generals.”

After leaving Hitler’s room, Bauer and Betz went to get rid of the papers and prepared to leave the Reich Chancellery, and after two hours of conversation with Hitler, having packed his things, Bauer went back to the basement to take the picture. that Hitler had given him.

full of smoke

“The front of the rooms private it was very smoky, “he said.” Several SS guards ran up and down quickly. I asked, is it all over? “They said yes.

“Where are the bodies?” Bauer asked. They replied: “They (Hitler and his wife) were wrapped up in blankets, they were sprinkled with petrol and are now burning upstairs in the chancellery garden. “

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