Suicide of veterans in Afghanistan confirmed. British minister retracted his statement

LONDON (Reuters) – British Minister of State for the Armed Forces James Hebe said Monday he was wrong when he said former British soldiers had committed suicide out of anger over the US-led withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“Actually, what I was referring to was inaccurate,” Hebei told the BBC, “We are looking very closely at whether anyone has committed suicide in the last few days.”

A spokesman for the British Defense Ministry denied that the veterans had committed suicide as a result of the withdrawal.

Previously, Hebei claimed that some British veterans of the war in Afghanistan were committing suicide due to the severe psychological damage they had suffered as a result of the attack. Chaotic withdrawal of US-led forces From that country and the victory of the Taliban.

Hebei, a state defense minister, added that he had heard that The Taliban now control all of AfghanistanHowever, the situation in Panjshir has not changed the overall picture.

The British Armed Forces Minister said, as reported by “Sky News” Sky News, that the situation in the Panjshir, in Afghanistan does not change the fact that the Taliban are the government in we have to work on.

“This does not mean that we have recognized the Taliban, and if it is true that they control Panjshir, this does not change anything in our willingness to recognize them,” added the minister. “It is their actions in the government, not their military might, that will determine how and when the international community recognizes them.”

Suicide of veterans in Afghanistan confirmed. British minister retracted his statement

Joe Biden and Boris Johnson

and exposed Prime Minister Boris Johnson to harsh criticism of Britain’s withdrawal from Afghanistan and how to manage the evacuation process.

And the daily “Telegraph” Telegraph that Johnson will visit Washington in a few weeks for talks with Biden on Afghanistan.

Johnson previously admitted that the United States’ decision to withdraw left Britain with no choice but to withdraw its forces.

Johnson has since faced sharp criticism from lawmakers for failing to predict how quickly the Taliban will invade Kabul.

The furious war of words between the United States and the United Kingdom over the chaotic withdrawal of troops from Taliban-controlled Afghanistan led a British government minister to call the American president “insane”, while Joe Biden ignored appeals and supplications of the British Prime Minister.

The dispute between the two sides puts in dangerous light faults in the special relationship between the two countries, in one moment in which growing threats to China and extremism mean international cooperation is more important than ever, according to the US site “Insider”.

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