Summer Walker is overwhelmed with joy and gratitude after receiving her early Christmas present

Summer Walker couldn’t be more excited after receiving her early Christmas present. She told her fans and followers that she had a really tough year, and she is happy that her work and efforts are appreciated.

Check out the emotional message and video she shared on her social media account.

“People don’t even know what I really went through this year. I just sucked it in and kept pushing to the best of my ability. I stayed calm and stayed nice and in return I continue to be blessed … I always feel so lonely, but these men always make sure to remind me that I have a family, that I am valued, cared for and protected. It’s so crazy that I can’t say thank you enough @lvrngram & thank you pumpkin @londonondatrack I love everyone so much Summer ”Summer captioned the video which has emotional fans.

Some people told Summer that she should have shown more emotion in her reaction after receiving such a bomb gift.

A subscriber posted: “You deserve it and more continue to be you dude, I’m with you anyway ????????” and another fan said: “Awww, be happy and live !!! You deserve it ❣️’

One speaker exclaimed: “Dream Truck !!!!!! Congratulations summer! You deserve it EVERYTHING, ”while someone else posted this:“ Remember, you made one of the best albums of all time – pure magic and without jumping the girl. “

One Instagrammer wrote, “She’s really trying to be the best she can be. But what we can’t deny is that his music is on fire ???? ‘

Another fan said to Summer, “Girl, I would cry arrogantly. You better show some emotion, sister. Lol. “

Summer has recently been in the spotlight after an epic clapback she had for haters.

She posted a photo where people can see her tattooed fingers and beautiful holographic nails.


While many fans have praised the cool look, one fan has not given much thought and is ashamed of Summer by telling her that her hands look old. His clapback shocked everyone.

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