Summit in Indonesia .. Next meeting between Biden and Xi Jinping

The White House announced on Thursday that US President Joe Biden and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping will meet on November 14 in Bali. in Indonesia, on the sidelines of the G20 summit.

White House spokesperson Karen Jean-Pierre said in a statement that the two presidents, who will hold their first face-to-face meeting since Biden’s election as president, “will discuss how to responsibly manage animosity between China and the United States by trying to work together where our interests align.”

“The two leaders will also discuss a number of regional and global issues,” he added.

The White House announcement comes just days after Biden said the US is not looking for a conflict with China.

“What I want us to do when we talk is to define the kind of red lines” that we have to respect, he said Wednesday in a press conference in Washington.

Also a few days ago, President Xi Jinping stressed that China is ready to work with the United States to find ways to compromise in the interests of both sides.

A new strategy from the United States Department of Defense (Pentagon) has shown that China still poses the greatest security challenge for the United States and made it clear that the threat from Beijing will determine in how the US military will be equipped and trained in future.

The document, issued late last month, states that the conflict with China “is neither inevitable nor desirable”.