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Sunak: We are fortunate in our historical relations with the Gulf countries

On the sidelines of the COP27 Climate Conference held in Sharm El-Sheikh, in Egypt, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak stressed the importance of his country’s relations with the Gulf states and expressed his aspiration to make progress in trade relations with them.

In statements to Al-Arabiya / Al-Hadath today, Monday, he said that his country is “fortunate in its important and historical relations with the Gulf states”.

He also added that these relationships should go beyond defense to economic cooperation.

Tehran destabilizes the region

Regarding the Iranian file, he referred to the need to consult with his country’s partners regarding Iran. He stressed that Iranian practices destabilize the region.

He also explained that “Tehran had not previously accepted the nuclear deal”, adding that the situation had become complicated with the repression of the demonstrators who had been demonstrating since mid-September, after the killing of the young Mahsa Amini.

As for the Russian-Ukrainian dossier, he considered that “the Russian invasion of Ukraine made the transition to clean energy inevitable”, as he said.

“it’s not right”

He also felt that “it is not fair to ask Kiev” to negotiate while it is under attack, in reference to previous US information and reports suggesting that Washington had urged Ukraine to return to the dialogue table with Moscow.

Regarding the climate summit and the global environmental crisis, he stressed: “There will be no prosperity without the adoption of measures to limit climate change”.

Interestingly, some 200 world leaders attended the opening of the presidential session of the conference today, which will run until November 18, while most speakers today stressed the need to act globally to reduce the factors that weigh heavily. climate change and threaten the whole world, in particularly the countries in via of development.

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