Sunrisers Hyderabad captain Kane Williamson calls decision IPL’s COVID Forced Suspension as ‘Right’ decision’

The IPL-14 was postponed unlimited on May 4th after multiple COVID-19 cases within the bio-bubble, including one in SunRisers Hyderabad was the Williamson franchise leading.

“Things escalated very quickly over in India and die challenges The way in this part of the world are heartbreaking to watch, “Williamson told reporters during an interaction on Wednesday from its quarantine base in Southampton ahead of a test series against England.

“Accepted by us playing in a bubble with a face, You know it became clear too great. We were very well looked after in die bladder for the first half of the tournament As die Things were still intact, but clearly there had been some violations, “he admitted but didn’t elaborate.

“The tournament couldn’t go on and do it right decisions were made I believe that is how Things unfolded in the IPL “, the softly spoken batsman added. Back then of IPL’s suspension was India in the handle of a deadly second wave of die Pandemic and was recorded over 3 lakh falls daily and thousands of Deaths.

Williamson said that last It has been interesting for a few weeks in which the New Zealand IPL contingent was there with a host of The Australians had to go die Maldives fly and stay in quarantine for 13 days before permission in the UK. you will be play a two-test series against England before big World test championship final against India in the Ageas Bowl from June 18-22.

“Things were in Okay, we chased for the biggest part of the IPL before there was obviously a quick escalation of COVID-19. “(It was) so tragic and obviously so challenging times for them as land and bubble rupture in The cricket circle and die Things went pretty quickly after that for us I guess.”

New Zealand cricket and die BCCI put their heads together and made an exit plan for The Black Caps and Williamson were pretty happy with how it swayed out. “The boards made plans. There was logistical challenges and yes it was quick what a trip to Maldives meant with a bundle of other IPL cricketers, also it was a little of Whirlwind for all players involved … “he said.

“Much of people were involved us get it for sure home or where we had to go, “said the Kiwi skipper. David Warner had posted a picture of he and Williamson dressed in A PSA kit while flying from Chennai to Delhi during the IPL and the New Zealand skipper admitted that a couple of friends and family did call up after this photo went viral.

“I had some messages from friends and family and it was certainly very well documented COVID (situation in India). “If it is you on your own in countries Where die Situation is frightening and in so many parts that you go you need to make it safe with much of Logs too follow. “

The 13-day stay in The Maldives were also problem-free, something that die BCCI had ensured for all Australians and die five New Zealanders, including himself and Kyle Jamieson. “It was pretty group, die most of us was there for 13 days or so and we were looked after and were able to get on to an airplane here, “he said.

Williamson didn’t have one hit for some time now and would like to get back in be the groove once hard Quarantine is over. “The last hit I had before ours last IPL match and then it changed and hitting balls became secondary. In a COVID world Yeah, that’s a little of a loophole though in an ideal world you would want more”he added.

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