Support from Azam, du Plessis says not every man has to have one six-pack to be successful in cricket

Controversy broke out in Pakistan last Thursday with the name Azam without a cap, son of former captain Moin Khan, in the T20 squad for the tours of England and West Indies, with many believe its father is behind his selection.

That Azam weighs more was than 100kg also pointed out until fans before you came to the aid of Plessis of the big-hitter, with whom die former south african captain shares die changing room in Pakistan Super League franchise, Quetta Gladiators.

“When it comes to fitness, every man has die Responsibility to try and improve every day, “said du Plessis at a virtual press conference in Abu Dhabi ahead of die PSL.

“It looks different for every single person. For me, in old age, I don’t stop thinking about it how I can improve as a cricketer how I can improve mine fitness, how I can improve mine body, how I can improve my mind “, he was quoted by ‘ESPNcricinfo’.

Lots in the Pakistani cricket community believe Azam was selected because of his father who is a former national team Skipper and coach of Quetta gladiators. Fans also in asked a question fitness of the player who weighs more than 100kg.

Du Plessis said: “The difference between guys who Do it for a very short time and guys who Do it for longer it is just improve, there are smaller gains during your career. For somebody like him (Azam), no, he doesn’t have to look like me to be successful.

“It would just Be small Improvements every day. Right now it could be something like fielding he could concentrate on, faster to ball, do sure (die) Hands are goodto take all catches and gradually put in the work become a better one version of himself or me or someone. “

As a clean striker, Azam hits a boundary every four balls and has scored 743 points so far runs in 36 T20 matches. “It’s unfair to compare different ones people, we are comparing two different ones players. He is a guy who will always come and be power hitter and hit it’s long way.

“I certainly don’t believe that every guy has one six-pack to be a successful cricketer. you work with what you have. You see die Big on in the game before there was guys long before me and after me and him, who will all look different, but had die skill relies on perform“Said du Plessis.

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