Supported the Yemeni Presidency die Saudi Arabia’s position in support of peace efforts

Approved on Thursday die Yemeni Presidency die Saudi position in support of peace efforts and what Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman declared die Unacceptable presence of armed organizations in Yemen outside the country.

The director of the Yemeni presidential office, Abdullah Al-Alimi, praised in a tweet on his Twitter page die clear position of the kingdom, die in an interview with the Crown Prince about the coup against the Houthi die Legitimacy and over die Refusal to accept armed formations or organizations in Yemen has been set out outside the authority of the state.

He also appreciated die Saudi Position on “Supporting Peace Efforts, Supporting and Supporting the Legitimacy of the Kingdom and the Yemeni People”, stressing that these are “firm and solid positions, die Deserve thanks and gratitude “.

The Director of the Yemeni Presidential Office expressed “the pride of the entire region towards the kingdom with responsible and responsible leadership towards an ambitious country, a prosperous economy and a vibrant society thanks to Vision 2030”.

He added: “The meeting with the Crown Prince was excellent . clarity, strength and pride . Congratulations to the Kingdom for its wise guidance and mature vision, die brings it to the place that suits him and that every lover wants. “

And the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman had on Tuesday evening in a television interview die Houthis asked to stop the fire and return to the negotiating table, while stressing that the kingdom die Presence of armed militias or an armed organization could not accept at its borders.

He added: There is no country in the world that accepts that there is a militia on its borders and that there is an armed organization outside of international law on its borders. This is unacceptable for Saudi Arabia, for die Countries in the region unacceptable. and also unacceptable for die Legitimacy of yemen.

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