Supreme Council of State Declares Derna a Disaster Area After Torrents and Floods – Urgent Measures and International Investigation Needed

The Disaster in Derna: A Devastating Flood Strikes

A State of Emergency Declared by the Supreme Council of State

Today, Wednesday, the Supreme Council of State in Libya declared the city of Derna a disaster area, after torrents and floods that claimed the lives of thousands.

An International Investigation Urged

The Council called, in a statement on its Facebook page, for a comprehensive international investigation into the causes of the city’s disaster and the destruction it left behind. The magnitude of the disaster is immense and warrants a thorough examination.

Urgent Measures and Resources Required for Reconstruction

The statement recommended taking urgent measures to solve the various types of existing problems in Derna. The authorities have been asked to provide the necessary capabilities to execute this task effectively. Additionally, it is crucial to inventory the needs and requirements in the near term, propose the steps for reconstruction, and allocate the necessary resources accordingly.

Prioritizing Healthcare and Psychological Support

The Supreme Council of State has urged the swift provision of necessary capabilities for healthcare in the city. They have also emphasized the need to establish a center for psychological support and seek assistance from countries or specialized organizations. These initiatives aim to aid the affected people of Derna, alleviate their burdens, and address their fair demands outlined in their statement.

The Catastrophic Hurricane Named “Daniel”

On September 10, a devastating hurricane named “Daniel” struck several areas in eastern Libya, resulting in extensive devastation and causing numerous deaths, injuries, and many people reported missing. With wind speeds exceeding 180 kilometers per hour and record amounts of water, the hurricane destroyed two dams from the 1970s. This led to the release of millions of cubic meters of water that crashed with unprecedented violence into the homes of Derna.

A City Disappearing Overnight

The city of Derna, located in the northwest of the country, covers a considerable area and is home to a population ranging from 50,000 to 90,000 people. However, the powerful floods caused entire neighborhoods to vanish, leaving behind only devastation and despair.

The Grim Toll and the Aftermath

According to the latest statistics provided by the Libyan government, the death toll from the floods in Derna has reached a staggering 3,351 people. Additionally, the Libyan Red Crescent has reported that more than 10,000 people are still missing due to the torrents and floods. The situation remains dire and calls for immediate action.

Aid for Reconstruction

In light of this devastating disaster, the Libyan unity government has announced the allocation of over $500 million for reconstruction operations in the cities affected by the floods in the east of the country. This funding is a vital step towards rebuilding the shattered lives and communities in Derna.

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