Surbhi Chandna will be in Big boss 15?

TV actress Surbhi Chandna has responded to rumors that she is in Big Boss 15.

Season 14 of the popular reality show saw Rubina Dilaik coming out on High.

It served as a major source of entertainment for the viewers who were mainly indoors due to the pandemic.

Attention now turns to the 15th season and into the finale of Big Boss 14, Salman Khan had announced that the house will be open for regular citizens as well as celebrities.

Since then, speculation has arisen about which celebrities will enter the house.

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A name that seems to be regularly associated with Big Boss 15 is Naagin 5 actress Surbhi Chandna.

Fans wish to see her in the Great leader house while others believe she has already signed to participate.

However, Surbhi has now reacted to the rumors.

It took on Instagram to organize a “Ask me anything” session.

When one a fan asked if she would be a candidate on Big Boss 15, Surbhi dismissed the rumors, revealing that she had not been approached and had not considered him.

She said: “To stop the rumors, no I have not been approached and I am not. Big Boss 15. “

Surbhi is not the only person to have been linked with Big Boss 15.

Previously, Neha Marda, who is best known for her role in the show Balika vadhu, said she was approached by manufacturers of Great leader.

She even revealed thaton asked him to participate in the reality show for four years.

Neha admitted she still felt like she wasn’t cut out for the show, but since the pandemic and the lockdowns, it has changed son point of view.

Neha said: “I was offered Great leader for the last four years and this year also I received a call for Big Boss 15.

“All year I refused to do the show thinking i wonje won’t be able to do it.

“I thought I won’t be able to stay locked up with No contact with anyone.

“I thought that a show like Great leader was not worth me but now the situation in that we turn feels like being on Great leader. “

Neha is gone on say that if she was going on the show, she feels that she could win he.

“I think now that after that experience if i go to Great leader, I will be a serious competitor.

“If I go there on Great leader, I can win the show. “

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