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Surprise .. The dream of going up to the World Cup returns in Algeria!

London – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: There has been news about media international players on the possibility of excluding the Cameroonian national team from participating in the Qatar 2022 World Cup, which could pave the way for the Algerian team to participate in the first Middle Eastern World Cup, after months of miserable attempts to convince the federation, International Football Association “FIFA” and the International Tribunal of Sports “CAS”, to repeat the play-off in the African qualifiers. The Algerian Federation has repeatedly tried to extort the via free to FIFA and the International Tribunal of Sports, in order to replay the Cameroon match, lost 1-2 by the Greens in the heart of the “Mustafa Tchaker” stadium, in protest against arbitration mistakes made by Gambian referee Bakari Gassama, but in The latter, the Union of Desert Warriors, received only cold responses regarding this file. In the latest update of this novel, the site web global “Goal” stated in a report entitled “Algeria’s Hope? Cameroon threatens exclusion from the World Cup”. The report stated that from the first moment in which the jerseys of the teams participating in the World Cup have been unveiled, with the exception of the lions, many old questions and question marks have arisen about the Algerian dream of appearing for the fifth time at the World Cup in its history, especially since the Cameroon team had stolen the seen in Doha at the Desert Warriors, with an irreplaceable goal, a few seconds before the end of injury time for the second extra period. The same source stressed the existence of what he called a “disagreement” between the Cameroonian federation and Le Coq Sportif, the t-shirt manufacturer, where Samuel Eto’o terminated his contract with the French, to sign a contract weeks earlier. of the start of the World Cup with the American company One All Sports, which is a difficult matter following a judicial dispute after The jurisdiction of French law to resolve disputes between the parties. And the British site cited Cameroonian lawyer Christian Bomo Ntemani, who resides in Paris and takes on the role of mediator between the two entities, that what is happening now may lead to his country’s exclusion from the World Cup, adding in statements monitored by the site web local “Acto Cameron”, “I would like to invite everyone to calm and complete understanding”. Scope, French law resolves the dispute and is a point that must be taken in consideration. “He concluded his speech:” I ask the two sides to sit down now and settle the matter amicably or make a decision on the continuation of the partnership. If the Cameroonian federation refuses to implement the decisions imposed by French law relating to the conflict, it could lead to the exclusion of Cameroon from the World Cup, and here it is not in conflict with the question of direct government intervention, because the international federation takes into account national judicial contracts “. And the battalion of coach Jamal Belmadi was one step away from the escort to the World Cup finals in Tunisia, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the organizing country, after deciding the first leg of the “Gabuma” stadium with a clean goal, with the signing of the historic scorer Islam Soleimani , but on the return the team-mates of Riyad Mahrez lost, with a scenario to say the least “hard”, from touching the dream after Ahmed Touba’s equalizer in the 118th minute, to awakening with the nightmare of Ekambi goal in the 124th minute.


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