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Surprising Connection: How Heart Disease May Lead to Heartburn and a Sore Throat

The Hidden Symptoms of Heart Problems: What to Look Out For

Symptoms of Heart Problems Often Overlooked

Endocrinologist Maxim Maskin said that cardiovascular diseases are often hidden behind the symptoms of diseases that a non-specialist cannot attribute to the heart.

In a conversation with Gazeta.Ru, the specialist notes that atypical symptoms of heart problems can be tinnitus and flies before the eyes. It can also be high blood pressure, which, if left untreated, can lead to heart failure, myocardial infarction, and coronary heart disease. Nausea, dizziness, and insomnia can also indicate high blood pressure levels.

Sleep Apnea and Heart Health

Maskin says: “Loud snoring during sleep apnea, repeated bouts of holding your breath for 10 seconds or more should be a concern. Because during sleep apnea, the cells of the body do not receive the necessary amount of oxygen, which leads to the development of hypoxia. As a result, the load on the vessels and the heart increases, which can lead to arrhythmia, stroke and myocardial infarction.

Reflected Pain as a Warning Sign

Maskin points out that other warning signs of heart problems include sharp pain in the jaws, sharp pain in the teeth or throat, and this can be a sign of angina pectoris. He says: “This is called reflected pain (radiating pain), which is the spread of nerve impulses from the diseased organ along the nerve fibers to healthy organs. For example, with angina pectoris, the patient does not feel discomfort in the chest and does not complain of pain in the left side of the chest, but complains of pains in the left arm, shoulder, under the scapula, lower jaw and even in the throat.

Heart Problems and Digestive Issues

The specialist points out that the symptoms of heart disease sometimes manifest themselves in the form of poisoning or disorders in the digestive system, or stomach pain. This is radiating pain, and the person complains of pain in the abdomen, but in fact, it comes from the heart. He says: “The main difference between the symptoms of heart disease and heartburn and gastritis is that pain occurs regardless of food intake and body position. no help.”

Lipomas and Heart Health

According to Maskin, a lipoma on the face, neck, or arm may indicate heart problems or may indicate a metabolic disorder. He says: “If fats are not digested properly, the concentration of ‘bad’ cholesterol rises in the blood, which sticks to the walls of blood vessels and forms atherosclerotic plaques, which subsequently leads to stroke and myocardial infarction. Therefore, with these lipomas of recurrence, a specialist should be consulted.”

Persistent Cough and Heart Failure

A persistent cough for no reason can be a sign of a heart problem, such as heart failure, which is accompanied by a lack of blood supply to all organs of the body, including the lungs, which leads to deterioration in their work and the accumulation of fluid in them. Because of this, a person has a dry cough without sputum, and the person feels short of breath, and the color of the tongue, lips and fingers turns blue, and the veins in the neck swell, and this cough is aggravated by lying down.


It’s important to recognize these hidden symptoms of heart health and to consult with a specialist if you experience any of them. By identifying the warning signs early, you can take steps to prevent the development of heart disease and protect your health.

Source: Gazeta.Ru


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