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Suspected ISIS members arrested in Germany and Switzerland


In a joint operation, the German and Swiss authorities arrested four people suspected of belonging to ISIS, as reported yesterday by the prosecutors of the two countries. In Switzerland, three people were arrested in Zurich, St. Gallen and Lucerne on Monday evening, according to the Swiss prosecutor’s office, noting that he carried out seven raids. According to the Swiss authorities, it is suspected that the people arrested and whose details were not disclosed, “participated in or supported the banned terrorist organization”. At the same time, according to the German Federal Prosecutor’s Office, a man was arrested in Römerberg, West Germany. The office in a press release announces that the arrested Alim n. He is suspected of having witnessed a violent and dangerous act that threatens the security of the state and of belonging to a terrorist group abroad. He is also suspected that he is gone briefly in Syria in September 2020, before joining from Germany to Da’i by April 2021 and carrying out large-scale propaganda activities for the organization. “” Its main task is to translate the official texts, videos or audio messages of the ‘organization from Arabic to German and distribute them on different channels of the Telegram application in the German-speaking region, “the prosecution said.” ISIS sees these activities as direct participation in violent jihad, “he added. The suspect he also “probably underwent a telephone interview with ISIS officials in late autumn 2021” to “verify his credibility” before entering “areas in which ISIS is active “.


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