“Suspected terrorist attack” .. A policeman was killed in a stabbing in Brussels

One policeman died of his injuries and another was injured in a stabbing attack in the capital, Brussels, on Thursday, Belgian prosecutors announced to the local news agency.

Belgian police said the suspected assailant was shot and “neutralized” after stabbing.

He added: “One of our patrols was attacked with a knife. Then the two policemen called for reinforcements. An officer from another patrol used his firearm to neutralize the attacker.”

“The injured policemen and the assailant were brought in hospital, “police said, before one of the policemen died.

Suspected terrorist attack

For his part, a Belgian judicial officer, who refused to be identified due to the investigation in course, told The Associated Press that there was a “suspicion of a terrorist attack,” but he did not go into detail.

According to the media Belgian, the dead policeman was stabbed in the neck and died in hospital.

The attack took place around 19:15 local time.

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