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suspension in Okay, but let’s not be hard on Robinson if he doesn’t repeat it offensive Behavior: Hold


Robinson has been suspended by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) after his racist and sexist tweets, pending investigation in Created in 2012 and 2013 on social media on the day he made his test debut.

The 27-year-old found support from his teammates who said they accepted his apology on the issue. Hold also offered a sympathetic view on die Thing but supported die ECBB move suspend him.

“(It was) eight, nine years ago. May die Then find the ECB? out Please, if Robinson held up beyond this time on behavior like that, say things like that, tweet things like that? “Holding told Sky Sports News.

“When he’s done something like that nine years ago, and since then he has learned and done nothing like that and he has changed his ways in last years then I don’t believe you should Come down also hard on him “said die West Indian legend.

Hold, who was loud against Racism since death of African American Geroge Floyd on the hands of a white cop last year, said suspending Robinson was the right thing to do call.

“Yes, suspend him because you want to investigate. Not you allow he should continue playing, like on Thursday while an investigation is in progress on at the same time because if you find out terrible things are coming out in this investigation. But do it quick, let’s get it over with fast.”

The British government although found Robinson’s suspension “over die Top” with National culture and sports secretary Oliver Dowden asks die ECB, die Rethink suspension. The ECB is now also investigating one more England cricketer for racist tweets during his teenage years.

Keep said in its case too, it should be investigated if he repeats the same offense again. “Not me know who The player is also I don’t do it know how Many years ago he was 15. Has he done anything since then? Can you find records? of him in the last do two to three years offensive Things, saying offensive Things or tweet offensive Things?

“… we all make mistakes there young peoplebut if we can recognize and correct these mistakes and change our lives to realize that this was trash and then do the right thing forward,” he said.

“I am somebody who like give someone second Chances or even third chances. “

Former English batsman Michael Carberry was different with Dowden during former Batsman Mark Ramprakash also appreciated die from Prime Minister Boris Johnson not support to his minister on the issue.

“I totally agree with Michael Carberry and What Ramps Are Saying. you carry on hear that politics and exercise shouldn’t mix, but then you stop on hear how yourself die Meddle politicians.

“If I hear Boris Johnson interfering … I would hope Boris Johnson can do it one comment and move on, and allow the cricket people to sell with Cricket affairs. Yes, you can say that athletes take part in politics.

“But athletes take part in politics because of humanitarian things not to do with Principle or policy of die Politician or die government. I would hope they would allow the cricket people wear on and do their own things. “

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