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Suspicious video.. Putin’s chef’s worst gift to the European Parliament

After the European Union’s decision two days ago to classify Russia as a “state sponsor of terrorism”, the Russian Wagner group has found no way to respond, except through a “bloody axe”.

He sent a violin case with a “bloodstained” mace to the European Parliament, he said.

In a video posted on one of his Telegram channels, a lawyer who works under his wing appears, with in hand a bag of violin and entering in an empty room.

Weird video

Then the man places the briefcase on the table, lifts the lid of the briefcase, and exhibits a smooth ax, on the tip of which the Wagnerian coat of arms is engraved, the handle of which seemed covered in red, in a mysterious message , the meaning of which can only be understood in one way.

And Yevgeny Prigozhin, the founder of the combat group, known as Putin’s cook, explained in a separate video that he intended to send that hammer to parliament as “information” before MEPs decided to classify Wagner as a terrorist organisation.

He also expressed his sadness at the possibility of this happening.

On the other hand, sources in the European Parliament have confirmed that they have not yet received the hammer, hinting that the whole thing could be a hoax.

For his part, MP Daniel Freund considered that “if anyone needs more prove that Russia is a state that sponsors terrorism, Prigozhin just sent it in a violin case,” according to the Telegraph newspaper.

Wagnerian symbol

Interestingly, maces or axes have recently become an unofficial symbol of the Kremlin-linked group, because its fighters used them to kill while on missions abroad.

Wagner had gained notoriety, especially recently during his militants’ participation in fighting alongside Russian forces in eastern Ukraine, as he posted videos of his fighters demonstrating with musical instruments in bombed-out cities in Donbass.

Wagner’s mercenaries often refer to themselves as musicians and their battle group as an orchestra.

Interestingly, the name “Wagner” was given to the group in 2014, after one of the founders of the Russian special forces, who used “Wagner” as a call sign.


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