Sweden reaches the semi-finals of the World Handball Championship and deprives Egypt of repeating the success of 2001

Warsaw/Stockholm: The Swedish national team ended their Egyptian counterpart’s dreams by qualifying for the semi-finals of the World Handball Championship, after defeating them 26/22 in today’s Wednesday quarter-finals. The Swedish national team has qualified for the golden square of the tournament, which it hosts in its stadiums together with Poland, because it dreams of winning the title for the fifth time in its history and the first since the 1999 edition. Despite the good start by the Egyptian team, who remained ahead in the score until halfway through the first half, but soon the Swedish national team dominated the match, ending the half in their favor with the score 14/9. match during the second half, but failed to turn things around, given the great support of the public who supported the Swedes, who finished in their favor, with 4 goals. The Egyptian national team aspired during the current edition of the tournament to repeat the goal achieved in the 2001 edition of the competition in France, when it reached the semi-finals, especially in light of having a constellation of young stars, but the winds came with what ships did not want. It is the second time that the Egyptian national team have failed to progress beyond the quarter-finals, having been eliminated from the same round in the last edition they hosted at their stadiums two years ago, losing to the Danish national team by penalty shootout. The Danish national team continued their campaign to defend their title, won in the last two editions, after qualifying for the semi-finals of the competition. The Danish national team has reserved their place for the semi-finals of the tournament, currently in course in Sweden and Poland, after the crushing 40/23 victory against Hungary, in the quarter-finals of the competition, today, Sunday. The Danish national team extended their absolute control over the progress of the match, ending the first half in lead with the score of 21/12, before widening the gap in the second half, reaching 17 goals. The Danish national team has fixed the appointment in the golden square of the tournament, the day after tomorrow, Friday, with its Spanish counterpart, who beat Norway 35/34 after a marathon also in the quarterfinals. The game saw a fierce rivalry between the sides, despite Spain taking a 13/12 lead in the first half, but Norway quickly regained their footing and advanced in the lead during the second half, before the Spanish side snatched the tie for 25/25, then the two teams decided for two more halves, each of which lasted 10 minutes. And the excitement continued throughout the two extra periods, as the tie continued into the first extra period with a score of 29/29, before Spain adjusted the score in their favor in the second extra period, with only one goal difference . (dpa)

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