Swedish envoy in Marib, um die to investigate the humanitarian impact of the Houthi attack

The Swedish envoy Peter Semneby arrived today, Thursday, in the Ma’rib governorate east of Yemen for the first visit of this kind die investigate the humanitarian impact of hostilities, die were led on several axes by the Houthi militia in Direction of the densely populated city and hundreds of thousands of displaced people.

The Swedish envoy discussed with the governor of Marib, Sultan Al-Arada, die recent developments in the governorate in view of the Houthi attacks and their targeted fight against civilians and displaced persons, see above die official Yemeni news agency.

Al-Arada informed the European official about die Latest developments in the humanitarian and living conditions of displaced people in Ma’rib Governorate, who make up around 60% of the displaced in Yemen

He emphasized die Need to put international pressure on die Houthi militia to stop their ongoing rocket attacks on camps and gatherings of displaced people in the governorate. He said, “Dozens of displaced people have died, causing a wave of displacement of thousands of them to alternative locations in the face of a difficult humanitarian situation.”

The governor of Ma’rib pointed out that die Houthi Militia “viewed any endeavor to stop the war as a tactic to their wars.” in various forms, and relies on their experience in manipulating peace agreements die To deceive the world ” die Willingness of the legitimate government to achieve peace as it has made many concessions to make all international efforts a success. Around die solve the Yemeni crisis.

He added: “We strive for real peace that die Guaranteed return of the institutions, and at the same time we affirm that we face the aggression and arrogance of the militia and die government institutions. “

The Swedish envoy expressed his happiness in visiting the Marib Governorate and stressed die His country’s position in support of Yemen and the peace process as part of the international community’s efforts to fight the war and die end humanitarian crisis.

The Swedish envoy to Yemen, Peter Semneby, had previously put an end to the Houthi attack on die overcrowded city of Marib and called it a “tragic bloody attack”.

In an interview with Asharq Al-Awsat, Semneby said, “Today’s Hodeidah Agreement can still be an example for Marib where we are facing a similar tragic situation. Just as we avoided a humanitarian disaster … was in 2018 The tragic blood The attack on Marib must also stop: “The basic thing is to save lives first and then move from military logic to political logic.”

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