Swizz Beatz and his mom engage in a holiday dance and cast a shadow after his baby drama

# Roommates, Swizz Beatz has had a few days filled with drama to say the least. Earlier this week, one of her baby moms, Jahna Sebastian, set fire to social media and made a long rant about Alicia Keys’ behavior as her daughter’s stepmother. Swizz quickly intervened and defended his wife, but according to the appearance of his last article, things are far from over.

As we previously reported, Jahna Sebastian made several statements about Alicia Keys’ relationship with her daughter Nicole. To sum up her problems with Alicia, Jahna said that she did not appreciate that Alicia would have bought her daughter an iPhone and checked her without Jahna’s permission. She also disputed the fact that her daughter called Alicia “Umi”, which is the Arabic word for mother.

Once Swizz got word of Jahna’s rant, he quickly called her for not expressing her problems with him and Alicia in private.

He then posted the following message to clarify:

“First of all, Nicole doesn’t have her own phone! Second, it’s my phone that I don’t use so she can call you instead of calling my phone to find her! 3rd, no one forced Nicole to call them whatever she chose to call her UMI! I will not let one of my children do things he does not want – period! 4h, we just talked on the phone and you had nothing to say, you were all sweet and kind !! You know my number, if you have no problem, call me !! Stop it !!! “

Fast forward to the present and Swizz and his mom have a message for his baby moms who want to start the drama. In a short video posted on Instagram, Swizz is seen dancing with his mother and gave a warning with the following caption:

“These BMs who play with me like my mother do not wear the 40 at all times. BX.”

Welp, you have it.

Roommates, what do you think?

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