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Sword Guojian who defied time

Fifty years ago a rare and unusual sword was found in a tomb in China.

It was made over 2,400 years ago, but the surprise came when it was found in an underground tomb in 1965 AD Not only was it rusty, but it was sharp and polished. In 1965, archaeologists were exploring in Hubei Province, 7 km (4 miles) of the ruins of Jinan, the ancient capital of Zhou state, when they discovered fifty ancient tombs. Jujian sword along with 2,000 other artifacts.

According to the head of the archaeological team in charge of the excavations, it was discovered in a tomb, in a wooden box next to a skeleton. The team was stunned when the sword was pulled out of its scabbard. The blade is sharp and rust-free despite being buried in wet conditions for two thousand years. A test archaeologists showed that the blade could easily cut a pile of twenty pieces of paper.

Jian swords are among the oldest types of swords in China and are closely related to Chinese mythology. In Chinese folklore he is known as the “man of arms” and is considered one of the four main weapons, along with the staff, the spear and the saber.

The edges of the sword are made of tin. Small amounts of iron, lead and sulfur are also present in the sword. Research has revealed a high percentage of sulfur, which gives the sword a rust-resistant character. Black engravings cover both sides of the blade. The sword hilt is attached to the silk while the pommel is made up of 11 concentric circles and weighs 875 grams (30.9) ounces.


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