Sydney Crosby: NHL Sports Decade Athlete

2010 offered one of the best decades in hockey. From the early dominance of the Chicago Blackhawks to Alex Ovechkin’s score in the Pittsburgh Penguins’ Stanley Cup championship, rarely has the sport been more exciting in recent years.

However, one player stands out as the best player to loan them over the last decade – and it was an easy and unanimous vote among Sporting News hockey staff: Sidney Crosby, NHL Athlete of the Decade.

The Penguins ruled in 2010 – dubbed “The Next” before still playing an NHL game, it has filled that role in many ways over the 10 years. Battling the decade away with his “Golden Purpose” that won the Canadians the gold medal at the 2010 Winter Olympics, Crosby never stopped rolling.

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Despite battles and multiple injuries over the past 10 years, it still manages to generate more than one game-per-season pace while garnering numerous individual and collective rewards. After lifting the Stanley Cup in 2009, he went on to lead Pittsburgh to two more titles in 2016 and 2017, winning Conn Smythe as MVP in both Stanley Cup campaigns. In addition to his championships, he added two Rocket Richards, one Art Ross, one Hart and many more.

In 670 games since the start of the 2009-10 campaign, he has recorded 319 goals and 517 assists, good for 836 points, leading all skaters. He has even more than second-year owner Patrick Kane (until Dec. 8) – and in less than 100 games.

That being said, when we consider the best player in all of 2010, the decision is unanimous and obvious as “Sid the Kid” continues to defy expectations, overcome adversity and revolutionize hockey.

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With the numbers

  • 2 Stanley cups
  • 2 canned Smythe
  • 2 Richard Trophies Rocket
  • 1 Art Ross Trophy
  • 1 Hart Memorandum Trophy
  • 1 Marc Messier NHL Leadership Award
  • Top 3 choices of all stars
  • 3 seconds all star selections
  • 3 All-Star games

What they say:

“You look at the things he has achieved both as an individual and with his team; this is something that I don’t think many people are going to disagree with. He’s a special player, he’s a generation player and how he transfers and that’s something that I think goes a long way and how he represents himself and the Penguins and in a broader scheme of things, the NHL is a role model for kids and not you see the kids wearing Crosby shirts. regardless of the team he plays for. “- Kyle Palmieri, Daniel New Jersey

“I have a ton of respect for him, I think he’s been up in the hockey game and he’s been the face of the NHL for 15 years. He’s obviously the best player in the league and what he did in Pittsburgh. playoff series with Ottawa, I think I played them twice in the playoffs, and all the time in the regular season – he fights, he fights but he is very fun. Thank you for the opportunity I had to play against him. “- Kyle Turris , Nashville predators

“Sidney Crosby lost so much time with injury and other injuries, but he still came out of the decade with two Olympic gold medals and two Stanley Cup rings. When his team – Canada or the Penguins – needed him, Sid was a clutch Crosby had the “golden goal,” the 2016 and 2017 Conn Smythe Trophies and the distinction of being the best hockey player in the world. ” – Stephen Whyno, Associated Press

“Sid was the best player in the last decade because of his ability to adapt and become even more complete in his game around the game. Like 87. The rules and the gameplay have changed many times over the course of his career, influencing him the most, but Sid redefined and adapted and became the most complete player this generation has seen. “- NHL Network analyst / Mike Rupp

“Obviously I’m the type I looked for when I was younger and what he did and how he plays, I feel like he does it all. The leadership he brings, you can tell exactly the way he plays.” “A tough opponent and a tough one every time you go out on the ice against him, you want to make sure you raise your level of competition and it’s always a fun challenge, always fun to go up against one of the best.” – Mika Zibanad, News York Rangers

“It’s hard, not fun (to play against him) … He’s an incredible player, one of the best players ever to play, just playing against him, it’s as difficult as a defender to play against him. There is nothing that can’t do what is well worth it. Everything he has achieved is pretty incredible. “- Roman Josi, Nashville Ambassadors.

The next decade is owned by: Connor McDavid, center, Oilers

This is just as obvious: Connor McDavid. Why; Well, it’s Connor McDavid.

The Oilers captain – and the youngest to wear the “C” in NHL history – is a multi-player who makes him one of the best players and superstars in the National Hockey League at just 22 years old. His fast speed, playability, vision and scoring ability led him to two Art Ross Trophies, one Hart and three NHL All-Star Games and First All-Star Team selections.

Not to mention, McDavid was a player based on the league championship game. even during the first season, when he suffered a broken key early in the 2015-16 season, he still managed 48 points in 45 fights and has since followed three-point 100-point campaigns. This year, he became the first player to score a 50-mark, finishing in less than 30 games and putting up 133 points.

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