Symptoms a week before a stroke

Doctors at the Beversbrook Medical Center said that a stroke can be accompanied by loss of vision.

And the Express notes that, according to Mayo Hospital doctors, about 43 percent of those infected had some symptoms about a week before the stroke. And that these symptoms rarely last more than 24 hours. Therefore, if such symptoms appear, you should immediately consult a doctor.

“Some patients who later developed a stroke had sudden loss of vision in one eye, sometimes without any pain. In some cases, dark spots or shadows appear before the eyes,” says Gary Barlett of Beversbrook Medical Center.

Temporary loss of vision may indicate a microstroke, and in a third of cases it is a harbinger of a severe stroke. One of the symptoms of a microstroke is a feeling of lethargy and discomfort in the limbs.

Doctors emphasize that lowering the level of blood pressure and the level of “bad” cholesterol significantly reduces the risk of stroke.

Source: RIA Novosti