Syrians in Lebanon… endless torture, humiliation and violations

Leaked tapes revealed that a number of Syrian and Lebanese workers were subjected to torture and humiliation by a gang. in Lebanon, after accusing them of theft to evade their financial compensation, in a scene that provoked widespread anger due to the worsening security chaos and the domination of the militias on the necks of Syrian citizens and refugees, especially kidnappings and repeated violations in Lebanon.

The tapes showed Syrian and Lebanese workers from the Akkar region, subjected to “the worst forms of humiliation and brutal torture”, as they worked during the cherry picking season away from their cities.

According to information received, the owner of the land in the city of Majdal al-Aqoura in the Jbeil region accused the workers of having stolen “a wristwatch and sunglasses” to evade payment of wages after four days of continuous work. to harvest the cherry season he tied and then whipped them with electric wires in front of the camera lens, as well as put a “potato” in mouth to each.

Citing the information circulating, the crime took place in the town of Majdal al-Aqoura in the Byblos district of Mount Lebanon, north of the capital Beirut, noting that “the landowner and the workers are being investigated at the police station in the area for find out the circumstances of the accident “.

In turn, the Lebanese general security stated on its Facebook account that it received a notification a few days ago at the Naqoura police station that some of its employees had stolen a sum of (one hundred and one million Lebanese pounds) and that the video broadcast on social two days after the landowner’s report, and as a result the investigation is still on in completion phase based on new data.

The Lebanese Security Statement reveals the extent of the security chaos Lebanon is experiencing, in in particular, the armed militias that terrorize citizens and bully Syrian refugees in a clear audacity against the state and its security services, especially since the current case confirms that the owner has filed a complaint and at the same time torturing the workers through gunmen affiliated with him.

Recently, the violations and crimes against Syrian refugees on Lebanese soil have been repeated by racists and gunmen from the Hezbollah militia and its allies, as well as the kidnappings of refugees in the southern regions and the demand for large financial ransoms from their families in change of death threats the kidnapped.