T.I. and Tiny Harris flood their social media accounts with photos from Disney World

Tiny Harris and T.I. continue to share lots of Disney World photos on their social media accounts. Check out more gorgeous photos below.

“Disney during the holidays with babies…. Invaluable “Thank you @waltdisneyworld”, Tip subtitled one of the articles.

One disciple said, “There is a different child in the stroller, but the heiress said,” I’m not moving. She finds her throne and stays put, “and someone else posted this about the heiress:” You can say that this little girl is the boss of the house. She must be spoiled. It’s such a cute blessing. “

One fan wrote: “Squaaaaad! Rolling deep into Disney lol I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a bright and prosperous New Year! ???? ”while another commenter posted:“ Where real family times and magic happen… I love the Harris family. “

Another fan also sprang to the heiress of the little girl and said: “Whose cheeks are this pretty little sportswoman? I love her cheeks. And that’s how I can say I’m getting older, boy. The urge to tighten baby’s fluffy cheeks. “

Another fan also praised the beauty of the little girl: “The heiress is only perfection. I can’t with her pretty little face, “and an Instagrammer sprang up on the whole family saying,” Lovely family, I hope you had a good time. Happy Holidays @majorgirl. “

In other news, after sharing various photos featuring Heiress, fans noticed that the child really knew how to pose, and that she was getting more and more beautiful with each passing day.


This is why some of them said that she should start modeling.

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