T.I. Comforts His Fans With This Message And Addresses Mass Hysteria

T.I. is attempting to comfort his fans nowadays in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. The truth is that panic and worry have actually ended up being actually effective all over the world, and a great deal of individuals are going nuts nowadays.

Our lives are altering, and everybody;’s scared of the unforeseen.

Pointer is informing her fans that mass hysteria is no excellent at all, and he shared an uplifting message for his followers on his social media account.

‘Don’ t let the mass hysteria of the world (everyone else) make you forget how excellent God has actually been to EVERYBODY … Those of you who feel you can be an individual of faith & & not have your faith be checked … you’re misinterpreted. And those of you that ARE GENUINELY INDEED individuals of faith enable me to advise you … PRAYER OUGHT TO CHANGE YOUR WORRIES & & YOUR WORRYING DISQUALIFIES PRAYER … Aight Y’ all, Take it light … ✌ #KingsThoughts’ Pointer captioned his post.

Somebody stated: ‘Made it through the crack epidemic, mass incarceration (still going on), racism in America. We’ ll be alright. Kendrick voice.’

A fan posted this: ‘I’ m terrified to even take a trip back to my university guy. I simply desire this all to stop.’

A commenter stated: ‘Amen!! All this hype is for population control to control ppl for voting so Trump can get right back into office! Ppl better understand the way of the word & how the governor owns the minds of most! I won’ t fall, victim, since I understand who I hope to they providing excessive on this instead of their faith in the Lord’s guarantee!’

Somebody else stated: ‘Say that Unk @troubleman31 ????????‼️ remind them of God good grace!! He got his divine protection and love ❤️????????’ and a commenter posted this: ‘Point blank period @troubleman31 use the time off and regroup wisely.’


In other news, T.I. stunned his fans with a video that he simply shared on his social media account including a violent encounter with the cops.

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