T.I. Congratulates Andrew Gillum, whom he calls “one of the most honest and authentic politicians there is”

T.I. told his IG subscribers that on his latest podcast he invited someone he called the most honest and authentic politician in the world: Andrew Gillum. Check out his video below:

“Tap into #Expeditively RIGHT NOW to get to know one of the most honest and authentic politicians alive !!!! @andrewgillum should be the running mate of the one who gets the democratic nomination. The…. I SAID IT!!! #ExpediTIously @applepodcasts @podcastone “, Tip captioned his message.

Her message sparked intense debate in the comments.

Someone said to Tip: “Please google this man. Look at this man’s corruption and criminal investigation. He’s like the others. Get paid SMDH Stop losing skin color people ????’

Another follower said, “It will be so good !! I can’t wait to go to work and listen! “

An Instagrammer wrote: “If we are looking to end white supremacy with voting, we are done. It’s the 50s, the 60s talk about civil rights … Black Empowerment or nothing. “

Someone else wrote, “Anyone except Trump – I guess you don’t know what a good president is even if you hit him in the face!” He did more for the black community than any other president, including Obama, which did nothing good as a presidential candidate for two terms! But it’s okay because it’s going to be TRUMP 2020 ???????????????? ’


In other news, T.I. is heartbroken these days after the death of his best friend, Terrance ‘Cape’ Beasley. He was killed in prison a few days ago at the age of 40.

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