T.I Explains To People The Caliber Of The End Of Terrance “Cap” Beasley – See Funeral Images

It has already been reported that rapper T.I. was heartbroken these days after the death of his close friend, Terrance ‘Cape’ Beasley. According to reports, the man was killed in prison a few days ago at the age of 40.

Beasley’s death is under investigation by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the Georgia Department of Corrections. Cap is said to have died after an altercation with another inmate.

Tip posted various emotional messages on his social media account, and has just written another.

‘Long Live Bo $$ Cap, MY BROTHER, 4LIFE…. & Death‼ ️ Ok Cap…. This is definitely the Svc Trillest Homegoing that I have never visited ???????? It is as if you were speaking through the living and saying what you wanted everyone to know. Maaaaan, I don’t think you all understand the caliber of the man The World lost, “shared T.I.

He went on and wrote: “This is OUR LIFE AND WE HAVE LIVE this muthafucka to the LIMIT‼ ️ Shameless TO THAT‼ ️ They really don’t do it like that No Mo‼ ️ We love you all and you miss cherl. I thank God for the opportunity to know a warrior with such an authentic spirit. #LongLiveBossCap. “

People show their support for Tip in the comments.

Someone said, “The man … could only wish to be remembered with such reverence,” and another follower posted this: “BLESSES TIP! I have heard it throughout your rhymes. “

One speaker wrote: “Man…. It always brings me back to reality. What impact will your life have when you leave… .???? r.I.p. “


Rest in peace, Cap! Send your prayers and kind thoughts to Cap’s family, friends and loved ones.

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