T.I. Is Working On A Surprise For Fans In The Honor Of The NotoriousB I.G.– Cardi B Is Excited

T.I. appears to be dealing with a secretproject He simply informed his fans that he has a surprise showing up, and it’s something in honor of NotoriousB I.G.

Individuals are truly excited following this statement, and they are attempting to think what it is.

Cardi B is one of the fans who revealed their enjoyment in the remarks area: LET’S GOOOO!!!’ Come through visuals!!!’

A fan asked: ‘okay how long we gotta wait? Like why you even do this if we can’ t get it today’ and another person stated that ‘I didn’ t understand I required this til now.’

Another commenter posted this: ‘Just the beat got me moving ooouu yuuuh.. I love it already king.’

A couple of days back, Idea shared more pictures includingB I.G., and fans were in wonder back then.

Somebody stated: ‘A love him && Tupac the same. I love them both – RIP to all the falling angels always && FOREVER ❤️ #woooooobabyyyy.’

Another fan informed the rap artist: ‘Tip you need to teach offset lil baby and takeoff how to speak bruh it’ s a disgrace listening to these people speak bruh a dem pity extremely humiliating.’

Another person stated: ‘y’ all ought to put another album together for him.’

Anyhow, simply recently, Idea captured the attention of his fans and followers with a coronavirus-related post.

The rap artist is amongst the stars who think that there are other concerns worldwide worthwhile of the very same attention that the coronavirus has actually been getting.

He shared a post that describes that there are even worse things out there that she likewise be attended to.


On the other hand, the variety of individuals getting contaminated with the brand-new infection is continuously rising, particularly in Europe, and this has individuals panicking and going nuts all over the world.

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