T.I. Praise His Son, King Harris – See Message Regarding His Talented Son

Tiny Harris and her husband T.I. were at Disney World before Christmas on a truly fun family vacation. The two shared photos of their children on social media, and at one point it seemed that the heiress Harris could have stolen the show.

The little girl is getting more beautiful and smarter with each passing day, and fans have congratulated her in the comments as if there is no tomorrow.

Tip also shared a photo featuring his boy, King Harris, and congratulated the talented young man. here is what he posted: “Betcha, he will have everything he needs to succeed …. ON CAP ????????‼ ️ #GenerationalWealth.”

One fan said, “You didn’t have to say that … his smile says it all. God Bless!” And another disciple posted this: “Why did you take him out of North Atlanta, him and my daughter? were good friends. “

Someone else said the following, praising the advice, “ Say what you mean on TI, but it shows an entire generation what a family business of salvation is. are kings.

As you know, Tip has received a lot of backlash recently as a result of inappropriate comments about his daughter, Deyjah Harris.

One follower said: “All he needs is support, the rest depends on him and with parents like you, he will conquer the world !!! He can do anything and everything! “

Someone else posted this: “He is supposed to have successful, intelligent and strategic parents … and this should go beyond his generation (ie Generational) too … Grownups and great-toddlers should all be babies of trust funds too. “

One Instagrammer praised Tip’s kids and said, “@ troubleman31, all I can say is that it must be fun !!!! Your children are blessed / lucky children. “


Fans were happy to hear that Deyjah Harris is back on social media after a long absence.

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