T.I. Shares A Throwback Photo Since The ’90 s: ‘Young Legend’

T.I shared a throwback photo on his social media account since the ’90 and fans call him a legend. Take a look at the photo that Tiny Harris’ hubby shared on his IG account and had fans applauding him.

‘ Young King AKA “lil bad ass Tip from Bankhead” #OnceUponaTimeInThe90 s,’ Suggestion captioned the post on his social media account.

A great deal of fans stated that he looks simply like his young kids in the photo.

Somebody stated: ‘For a minute I thought this was Messiah,’ and another fan posted this message: ‘Can see a little bit of all your kids in this one.’

Another fan stated and concurred: ‘He and Messiah look just alike here!’ and one commenter stated: ‘Domani has your whole face in this picture.’

Somebody else posted this: ‘Looks like major @troubleman31 twins,’ and another fan stated: ‘you must have been going thru it ???????? or this must be that first album cover.’

A fan informed Suggestion, ‘Watching yo movie The trap right now man you and @therealmikeepps some fools! ????????’

Besides this, T.I. ensured to inform his fans a couple of days ago that their preferred TELEVISION show is back on.

A great deal of people applauded Significant in the remarks.

Somebody stated: ‘Major is extremely smart… Remains my favorite I could watch a show entirely about him????’ and another fan posted this: ‘Major OMG! He reminds me of my son. ???? Kudos to him for marching to the beat of his own drum!’

One commenter composed: ‘You guys are really raising a king! ???????????? Major is so mature, well spoken & cute!! ❤️’

When he welcomed welcomed his charming spouse on ExpediTIously to dealt with some quite amazing topics,

In other news, Suggestion and Tiny made their fans delighted. These consist of marital relationship, like life, and more other juicy things.


Both Suggestion and Tiny shared the video on their social media accounts.

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