T.I. Sits down with his nieces to discuss the Atlanta dating pool

T.I. sits with his nieces to chat about the Atlanta dating pool on his podcast quickly. Check out the discussion in the video below.

“Me @karlousm & @pk_atl, sit down with my nieces @kamayadaplug & @monaimonique to discuss the dating group in Atlanta. OUT NOW on #ExpediTIously @podcastone @applepodcasts “, Tip captioned his message.

Someone posted this: “Why don’t artists talk about a positive message about what they live at home? those who are precious models. I’m tired of all the negativity that some of my favorite artists don’t put good music to listen to and that’s a problem because if I think it’s not good music that someone without knowledge would think it’s good music, I just think about the future, we blame everything on others, but where is the knowledge coming from the real recognize the real and I will not be wrong.

The same commenter above continued and said, “ We lost a few good people talking about what they were doing and everyone thought the song was on fire but the artist was telling you what the f * ** kills them and when they did the people disappeared were like oh we lost a legend as if they had no idea what the person said… .. as they said in the lyrics and we lost a legend how how how are they a legend when they died of what they said about their music.

Another subscriber said, “Is there a way to watch this episode or is it only available in audio?” And someone else posted: “Awesome Man And I are Very Fier of the Way U Handle Things And Take Care of the Family. “


For Christmas, Tip played Santa Claus for the less fortunate all night, according to his wife, Tiny Harris and the fans appreciated it.

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