Taiwan thanks the organizers of the World Cup after removing the reference to China from fan cards

Taipei: Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry thanked the organizers of the 2022 Soccer World Cup after Qatar removed the reference to China from Taiwanese fan papers requiring an ID card that also serves as a visa to enter the state of the Gulf. All World Cup ticket holders must obtain an identity card which is used to identify them and also as a visa to enter the host Arab country. But the Taiwanese government expressed concern when it found that the identity question online he did not mention the island but only “Taiwan, a province in China, “words that anger both the Taiwanese government and many of its citizens. But finally on Wednesday, the electronic system began to identify the island only as” Taiwan “, along with its flag. This was a win for China. Taiwan. Taiwanese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Joan Ou told reporters the move was a “positive development” and expressed her appreciation for the rapid reaction of the tournament organizers. “We express our gratitude. . for this kind gesture, “he added. The tournament organizers have not yet commented on the move. There are no diplomatic relations between Taiwan and Qatar, which only recognizes the Beijing government as most countries in the world. (Reuters )

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