Taiz..Houthi refuses to take dozens of abductees in To include barter transactions

Accused on Sunday die Association of Mothers of Yemeni Abductees in Taiz die Houthi coup militia for refusing to take dozens of abductees in Include international or local barter deals.

The abductees’ mothers said at a protest this Sunday in the city of Taiz that die Houthi group still kidnaps at least 123 citizens, hid 31 citizens and completely refuses to take them in die Include lists of international or local negotiations. and 5 prisoners in the security services of the legitimate government.

Taiz..Houthi refuses to take dozens of abductees in To include barter transactions

The statement made by the mothers of the vigil of the abductees demanded die international and regional community to put pressure on all Yemeni parties, all abductees, die forcibly disappeared and arbitrarily detained, to be released immediately and to fully and comprehensively implement resolutions and agreements for the life of die Abductees.

The mothers denounced the failure of the case of the abductees, disappearances and arbitrary arrests by all parties, given the peace efforts made during this period and their absence in on the humanitarian acts, despite the limited success in signing an agreement thereon and completing a phase thereof, so die Statement.

The statement states that die Years go by and die Kidnappers still with increasing suffering and a stagnant file in Prisons languish until die Freedom of abducted civilians and prisoners has become a political puppet.

The legitimate Yemeni government had accused the Houthi militia of die fifth meeting of the Supervisory Committee, die dealt with the implementation of the agreement on the exchange of prisoners and detainees, having thwarted the end of January last year under the auspices of the United Nations.

In mid-October, the United Nations managed to complete the largest prisoner exchange since the war began six years ago between the legitimate government and the Houthi group.

This exchange included die Release 1,056 prisoners and prisoners from both sides as the first stage, followed by further stages to complete a comprehensive (all for all) release, die has not yet taken place.

Human rights organizations estimate that more than 10,000 were abducted by the Houthi militia in around 270 prisons are held under the control of the militia.

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