Taking vaccination is the only solution to win the war against Corona.

Our country was badly hit by the second wave of Corona. There was a shortage of hospital beds everywhere, people were roaming here and there for oxygen concentrators and there was a lack of medical facilities across the country. But now slowly the cases of corona are decreasing and vaccination campaigns are being run across the country. Gulshan Grover, known as the ‘Bad Man’, attended the vaccination campaign organized at Yari Road, Mumbai, which was organized by Shashi Ranjan along with MLA Dr Lavekar. Here Gulshan was very happy to see the whole event and he talked to the news helpline while talking about this vaccination campaign, he said,

“Taking vaccination is the only solution to win the war against corona. We should accept this as soon as possible. The vaccine has been prepared after a lot of hard work all over the world. There were some articles in the middle which were wrong about the vaccine. We should not pay attention to all these things. ”He further said, “In countries where vaccination has been completely done, people’s life has started again in a normal way. In Israel and parts of America, people are roaming without masks and once again living their lives as before. “Talking about the vaccination drive in our country, he said,

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“Vaccination drive is now increasing rapidly in our country too. Earlier there was shortage of vaccine, some were not well organized but now many societies are coming forward and starting vaccination campaign. I congratulate Yari Road Society. I would like to thank those who have organized to get the vaccine in such a good way today.” Talking about the vaccination campaign organized by Yari Road Society, he said, “The event here is not less than a five star hotel, everything is well arranged. I would request all the society to go ahead and get their people vaccinated. On the work front, he was last seen in the film ‘Mumbai Saga’. After this, he will be seen in the film ‘Sooryavanshi’, the Tamil film ‘Indian 2’ and the Indo-Polish romantic thriller film ‘No Means No’.

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