Taliban behead an Afghan translator who has worked with the US military

CNN revealed in a report published today, Friday, that Taliban An Afghan translator who works for die US Army worked, was executed.

The story goes back to May 12th when Sohail Pardis, 32, left his house in the Afghan capital Kabul in die nearby Khost Province traveled to pick up his sister.

During the five-hour drive, as Pardis, 32, by die Desert drove, armed Taliban intercepted his car at a checkpoint, and Pardis stepped on the accelerator to quickly die Cross barrier.

However, the Taliban shot at his car, which turned and stopped, then dragged him out and cut off his head, according to eyewitnesses of the Red Crescent.

Threats from die Taliban

For his part, a friend and colleague told CNN that just days before he died, Bardis told him that he was being threatened by the Taliban and that he was die Movement discovered that he worked as a translator for 16 months die US Army worked.

He stated, “You told him you were a spy for die Americans are, you are die Eyes of the Americans and we are going to kill you and your family. “

It is noteworthy that, despite the Taliban’s promise, those who die worked alongside foreign forces, not attacking, many of whom fear liquidation that they might get through die Movement US print from Afghanistan.

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