Taliban for barbers: it is forbidden to shave the beard, as well as music in the shops

In a new directive from the Taliban, which has controlled Afghanistan since mid-August, the militant movement has issued directives to barbers.

According to a recent circular issued by movement officials in the southern province of Helmand, barbers are prohibited from shaving their beards or even playing music in shops while they work.

The local authorities of the southern province have clarified, in a statement released Sunday to barber shops, according to i media local, which from today in then it is strictly forbidden to shave your beard and play music in barbershops or public baths.

He also suggested that offenders will be punished immediately, adding that they will not have the right to file a complaint.

A Taliban (archive - Associated Press)

A Taliban (archive – Associated Press)

ghost of the past

This circular adds to a series of measures recently taken and imposed by the movement, which revived the ghost of the past when the Taliban ruled the country in the 1990s, by imposing an iron squeeze on Afghans and enforcing its extremist laws.

Noting that movement officials had recently hinted at the possibility of a softening of its policy, but facts on the ground do not indicate this.

A few days ago, one of its founders confirmed that death sentences and hand amputations will return, and on Saturday, members of the movement hung up the bodies in the city of Herat and toured the streets.

Bodies hanged in the western Afghan city of Herat (Archive - Associated Press)

Bodies hanged in the western Afghan city of Herat (Archive – Associated Press)

Also, earlier this month, the Taliban closed many music institutes and schools for girls have not yet opened.

In addition, he had previously asked female employees in some regions not to return to their work centers for the time being.

It is interesting to note that these measures increase the fears of the international community, which has repeatedly stressed the need to respect human and women’s rights in the country, as part of a package of conditions set for recognizing the movement and treating it officially.

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