Taliban Foreign Minister: I do not know the meaning of the human rights they are talking about

Taliban Foreign Minister Mawlawi Amir Khan Muttaki expressed the movement’s desire to establish positive relations with all countries, including the United States, calling on the international community to help the Afghan people. they do not know the meaning of the human rights spoken of abroad “.

The Afghan official said: “We are facing challenges in all parts of Afghanistan, but we try to provide services and opportunities for investors, and the security situation has improved and the displaced can return, “noting that anyone can enter or leave Afghanistan as long as they have documents.

There are no battles

He added: “We control the whole of Afghanistan and there are no battles. We have taken control of most of the Afghan provinces without any resistance and we also reject external pressure on our country.”

He added that the Afghan people have suffered after 4 decades of war and that we will coordinate with countries that want to help Afghanistan.

“We ask the international community to help the Afghan people,” he said, expressing his appreciation for the countries that have pledged humanitarian aid to Afghanistan.

The donors’ conference, held Monday in Geneva, pledged to provide around one billion dollars in aid to Afghanistan, after the United Nations warnings of a “looming disaster”.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres told ministers attending the conference that it is “very important” for the international organization to communicate with the Taliban movement to facilitate the transfer and distribution of humanitarian aid. in Afghanistan.

The conference sought to raise an amount of $ 606 million that could save the lives of millions of Afghans in the past four months of questyear, but ended up raising an even larger amount.

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