Taliban foreign minister meets “Afghan resistance” in Iran

Taliban leaders held talks in Tehran last weekend with top leaders of the Afghan alliance against them. These talks, the first of their kind, bring in light the efforts of the Taliban to reconnect with their former opponents.

During the meeting, Taliban Foreign Minister of Afghanistan Amir Khan Mottaki told the leaders of the coalition led by Ahmed Masoud that they could return in Afghanistan and have promised to ensure their safety, Mottaki revealed Monday.

The coalition known as the “National Resistance Front” is led by Ahmed Masoud, son of the anti-Taliban fighter Ahmed Shah Masoud, who was assassinated in 2001.

After the Taliban raid on Kabul on August 15th in Following the withdrawal of US and NATO forces, a number of coalition fighters fled north to the Panjshir Valley to establish a base there and vowed to fight the Taliban.

The fighting raged for several weeks before the Taliban invaded thearea. Since then, there have been reports of Taliban retaliation against the Panjshir ethnicity.

Sunday’s meeting in Tehran is one of the first signs of a rapprochement between the Taliban and its opponents. Mottaki confirmed that he told Ahmed Masoud and his coalition leaders: “They can come back in Afghanistan without any worries “.

In Tehran, Amir Khan Mottaki also met with Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian, who asked for the release of Afghan financial resources for “humanitarian purposes”. These financial assets were frozen by the movement’s takeover in Afghanistan.

A spokesman for the Iranian foreign ministry said on Monday that the visit does not constitute an official Iranian recognition of the Taliban government.

After the meeting, a local news agency quoted the Iranian foreign minister as saying: “The frozen Afghan assets from America … should be used for humanitarian purposes and to improve living conditions. in Afghanistan “.

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