Taliban kill 10 mine clearers in Afghanistan

The Afghan Interior Ministry and a local official announced on Wednesday that Taliban Ten are mine clearers in the northern province of Baghlan in Afghanistan was killed in the recent attack to shake the violence-torn country.

Afghan Interior Ministry spokesman Tariq Arian told reporters that “Taliban fighters in penetrated the premises of a demining agency (…) and shot everyone. “

Baghlan Provincial Governor Javed Basharat’s spokesman told AFP that the attack had progressed in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday in occurred in an area controlled by government forces. He stated that die Attackers are masked.

Because of the decades of war, Afghanistan is one of the most heavily mined countries in the world.

In the last few months it was die Baghlan Province witnessed violent clashes between government forces and the Taliban, die in sometimes daily in some areas.

Has escalated since the beginning of May die Violence with the beginning of the final stages of the April withdrawal of US forces ordered by President Joe Biden.
This withdrawal is expected to be completed by September 11th, so try die Rebels to use this retreat to conquer some areas.

The militants laid mines and bombs along the streets in the areas in them die Fighting took place. These explosives target government forces, but often kill and injure civilians.

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