Taliban kill 6 ISIS militants in Kabul

A spokesperson for the Afghan Taliban said today, Saturday, that its security forces killed six ISIS members in an overnight operation in the capital Kabul.

The spokesman, Qari Yusuf Ahmadi, added that ISIS members killed in the raid that targeted their hideout have participated in two major attacks in recent weeks, one against a mosque in the city and the other against an institute of education, which resulted in the killing of dozens of female students.

“They were among the perpetrators of the attack on the Wazir Akbar Khan mosque and the Kaj Education Institute,” Ahmadi said. He confirmed the killing of a member of the Taliban security forces in the operation.

No group has claimed responsibility for the two attacks.

The Afghan branch of ISIS, known as the Islamic State-Province of Khorasan, is an enemy of the Taliban.

Members of the organization first appeared in eastern Afghanistan in 2014 and subsequently carried out attacks in other regions.

The return to power of the Taliban in Afghanistan last year turned the page on a two-decade war against the Western-backed government, and led to a marked decrease in violence, but security has begun to deteriorate in recent months.

The militant movement, accused of failing to protect minorities, is trying to downplay the attacks they bring in discussing his regime.

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