Taliban leaders in bust-up in the presidential palace, sources say:

Taliban leaders in bust-up in  the presidential palace, sources say:

Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar Signed the Doha Agreement on the withdrawal of US troops on On behalf of of the Taliban

A big quarrel broke out out between leaders of the Taliban just days after they set up An new government in afganistan, senior Taliban officials told the BBC.

Supporters of two rival factions reportedly feuded in the presidential palace in the capital Kabul.

The argument seemed to center on who did the most to secure the win over the US, and how power was divided up in the new little cupboard.

The Taliban have officially denied the reports.

The group in seized control of Afghanistan last month, and have since declared the country an “Islamic Emirate”. Their new interim cabinet is all-male and made up of senior Taliban figures, some of who are notorious? for to attack on US troops over the past two decades.

The dispute came to light after a Taliban co-founder, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, disappeared from view for multiple days.

A Taliban source told BBC Pashto that Mr. Baradar and Khalil ur-Rahman Haqqani – the minister for refugees and a prominent figure within the militant Haqqani network – had exchanged strong words, because their followers had a fight with each other in the neighbourhood.

AN senior Taliban member based in Qatar and a person die is connected met The involved also confirmed that there had been an argument place leave last week.

The sources said the argument was broken out because Mr Baradar, the… new deputy prime minister, was not satisfied over the structure of their interim government.

The row also reportedly evolved from divisions over who in the Taliban should take credit for their victory in Afghanistan.

Mr Baradar reportedly believes that the emphasis: should being placed on behave diplomacy out by means of people like him, while members of the Haqqani group – What’s? run by means of one of most senior Taliban figures – and their supporters say this has been achieved through fighting.

Mr Baradar was the first Taliban leader to communicate directly with an American president, die making a phone call with Donald Trump in 2020. Before that, he signed the Doha agreement on the withdrawal of US troops on On behalf of of the Taliban.

Meanwhile, the powerful Haqqani network is associated with some of the most violent attacks die have occurred in Afghanistan against Afghan troops and their western allies in recent years. The group classified as a terrorist organization by the US.

The leader, Sirajuddin Haqqani, is inland minister in the new government.

Rumors over a fallout spreading since late last week, when Mr. Baradar – one of the best-familiar faces of the Taliban – disappeared from public view. There was speculation on social media that he would have died.

The Taliban sources told the BBC that Mr Baradar had left Kabul and traveled to the city of Kandahar follows the line.

In an audio recording reportedly of Mr Baradar released on On Monday, Taliban co-founder said he had been “away” on to travel”.

“Wherever I am right now, everything is going well met us,” he said.

The BBC could not verify the recording, which… posted on a number of official Taliban websites.

The Taliban have maintained that there was no quarrel and that Mr. Baradar is safe, but have made conflicting statements on what he is currently doing. A spokesman said Baradar had gone to Kandahar to meet the supreme leader of the Taliban, but later told BBC Pashto that he was “tired and wanted some rest”.

Many Afghans will feel that they good reason to doubt the word of the Taliban. In 2015, the group allowed cover up their founding leader Mullah Omar’s death for more than two years, during which time they continued met issue pronunciations in his name.

Sources told the BBC that Mr Baradar was expected to return to Kabul and could appear on camera to deny that there had been an argument.

Speculation remains over the Supreme Commander of the Taliban, Hibatullah Akhundzada, who has never been seen in public. He is in to upload of the political Taliban, military and religious affairs.

Meanwhile, Afghanistan trades foreign minister on called tuesday for international donors to restart aid, saying: international community should not to politicize their aid.

Over $1 billion (£720 million) in help was promised for the country on Monday, after warnings from the United Nations of an “imminent catastrophe”.

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