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Taliban: there is no extension of the American deadline and we call on the Afghans to stay

As American and international evacuations from Kabul run against time, ahead of the date set by the United States for the withdrawal of its forces from Afghanistan later this month (August 31), the Taliban movement renewed on Tuesday its refusal to extend that deadline.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid stressed today in a press conference that there is no room to extend the deadline of August 31, stressing that this date had previously been agreed and must be respected.

“We ask the Afghans to stay!”

As for the continuous influx of Afghan citizens at Hamid Karzai airport to flee the country, he invited everyone to stay, stressing that the amnesty law is still in force.

And trying to reassure those who fear violations of the movement, Mujahid said: We will provide guarantees to embassies and consulates in Afghanistan.

He also added: “We appeal to the organizations and agencies that operate to stay.” He added: “We refuse to leave Afghans, including translators, doctors, experts, engineers or others. Evacuation operations should be limited to foreigners.”

Furthermore, he stressed that there is no danger for anyone in Afghanistan.

Families in escape from Afghanistan (AFP)

Families in escape from Afghanistan (AFP)

ban women

Furthermore, he found that there were no compelling reasons to prevent government institutions from continuing their functions.

When asked to stop some women from doing their jobs in some official and government departments explained that the ban was temporary and in some areas to preserve their safety and for safety reasons.

As for the question of the Panjshir valley, he believed that this was very simple and would be resolved soon. He also indicated that the fighters of the valley must surrender their weapons.

Interestingly, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, confirmed today, during a special meeting of the Human Rights Council on Afghanistan, that she had received credible reports of serious violations by the Taliban, including extrajudicial executions of civilians and restrictions on women and protests against the movement’s government.

He also made it clear that the way in which the Taliban treat women and girls and respect their rights to liberty, freedom of movement, education, expression and work in compliance with the standard Human Rights Internationals will form a red line.

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