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Taliban: We did not impose the burqa on announcing women and asked them to cover their mouths and noses


The spokesperson for the Taliban movement in Afghanistan, Zabihullah Mujahid, confirmed that thehijab and the burqa are part of the culture of his country, denying that the Afghan government has imposed the burqa on female broadcasters, but only to wear a mask to obscure the mouth and nose, while the veil is mandatory according to the Sharia.

All the presenters of the most important Afghan TV channels appeared on Sunday, wearing the niqab, while the journalists appeared, revealing only the eyes and forehead, in different channels like “Tolo News”, “Shamshad TV”, “One TV”. “and” Ariana “.

Also, Zabihullah Mujahid spoke in a “special interview” to the “Al Arabiya” channel, As for women’s rights, she said universities are open to them and the government is working to enforce security to allow female students to pursue advanced studies in schools.

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The Americans promoted opium.

He also commented on the issue of poppy and opium cultivation, saying, “Americans have promoted this cultivation, which has made millions of young people dependent”, and the current government has worked to combat it, appealing to countries around the world. to help Afghanistan in this field.

On the political front, the Taliban spokesman stressed that his country is working to consolidate security and stability in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of US forces and the end of the war.

He also added: “Afghanistan has become dependent on its internal resources after eliminating corruption and extortion, demanding recognition and assistance from the current government.

block any threats

The Taliban spokesman in Afghanistan reaffirmed his country’s commitment to prevent any threats from Afghanistan, in particularly against the United States.

On the reason for the current Afghan government’s failure to include figures from the previous regime, he said: The government includes personalities of different ethnicities and the Taliban did not commit to the “Doha Agreement” to include figures who have left the country, such as former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, his supporters and others, who fought the Afghan movement.

“We are back with a more mature and stronger experience.”

Mujahid also explained that the Kabul government in 2021, and before the US withdrawal, refused to negotiate with the Taliban, despite the latter’s insistence on the matter.

He said the Taliban returned to power with more mature experience and with greater force and ended the war and imposed security. in homeland and borders, stressing that his country wants the best relations with Pakistan, Iran and other neighboring countries and that Kabul has no foreign agendas, neither with Iran nor with others.

expulsion order

Interestingly, the Taliban had ordered the expulsion of all female workers in public institutions in the case in who violated the new rules imposed earlier this month, preferring to wear the burqa, having previously forced them to wear only the veil.

He also directed the punishment of the men who worked in public offices, and perhaps expelled them, if their wives or daughters hadn’t heeded the decision to cover their faces.

Since the Afghan movement came to power in mid-August, the Taliban have gradually curtailed women’s freedoms and rights, imposed various forms of gender discrimination and deprived many female students of education. in awaiting the imposition of new laws governing their return to school.

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