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Taliban: we need urgent humanitarian aid


In the wake of the living and economic crisis in Afghanistan, the Taliban urged the international community to provide support to the Afghans without any “political bias” as they described it.

The movement’s deputy prime minister, Abdul Ghani Barader, added in a video message published by media officers today, Friday, that “people have no food, shelter, winter clothes or money in various places now “, asking for the sympathy of the international community.

He also noted that “the world should support the Afghan people without any political bias and implement their humanitarian obligations”.

Afghanistan is in a humanitarian crisis since the Taliban movement took power in August 2021, when the international community froze billions of dollars in aid and goods.

humanitarian disaster

While the United Nations warned that the country would face “one of the worst humanitarian disasters in the world”, the United Nations World Food Program warned of a dangerous famine. in future.

Interestingly, no country has so far recognized the Taliban government, which took power in mid-August.

Representatives from 57 Islamic countries held in Islamabad, in Pakistan, last December 2021, an extraordinary meeting dedicated to the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

dangerous situation

At the time, Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi pointed out that the situation in Afghanistan is very dangerous, noting that the meeting of the Organization for Islamic Cooperation underlined the importance of supporting the Afghan people.

He also felt that the dispute with the Kabul authority does not mean abandoning 38 million Afghans, stressing that failing to act to help the Afghan people will lead to disaster.

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