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When kids are bored, they do almost anything to pass the time, even talk to the dead. In the upcoming horror movie Talk to Me from A24, a party game goes wrong and gives thrill-seeking teens more than they bargained for. By holding a dead hand and saying a simple spell, a group of teenagers explores realms they don’t fully understand and tries out having random spirits take over their bodies. There are rules to the game, and things get terribly out of hand when those rules are broken. People have said that the movie is bloodcurdling and messed up. It has a lot of action and chaos, making it a great movie experience. Some people might not be brave enough to watch Talk to Me, but for true horror fans, it has everything they could want.

Talk to Me

Talk to Me was the first movie made by brothers Danny and Michael Philippou. They have a popular YouTube channel called RakkaRakka, where they post their short live-action movies, many of which are scary. When the movie was shown at the Sundance Film Festival in 2023, critics loved it for being different and scary. The film did well at Sundance 2023, so A24 bought its rights and set it for a summer release. Critics say the movie goes too far with its possession scenes, which are its primary focus. Some people compare it to the cult classic movie The Evil Dead from 1981, and everyone who has seen Talk to Me has praised Sophie Wilde’s groundbreaking performance as the main character. There have already been a few horror movies that stole the show to start the year, but Talk to Me looks like it could be the new crowd favorite. Here’s everything we know about Talk to Me without further ado.

Who is in the Talk to Me Cast?

  • Sophie Wilde as Mia
  • Joe Bird as Riley
  • Alexandra Jensen as Jade
  • Otis Dhanji as Daniel
  • Miranda Otto as Sue
  • Marcus Johnson as Max
  • Alexandria Steffensen as Rhea
  • Zoe Terakes as Hayley
  • Ari McCarthy as Cole

When is The Talk to Me Release Date?

Following its acquisition by A24 at the Sundance film festival, the highly anticipated movie is set to hit theaters nationwide on July 28, 2023. Notably, this release date directly competes with Disney’s Haunted Mansion reboot and the psychological horror film Sympathy for the Devil, featuring the talented actors Nicolas Cage and Joel Kinnaman. Fans of the horror genre will surely be thrilled by the prospect of this exciting and spooky weekend at the movies.

Is There a Trailer for Talk to Me?

The official trailer for Talk to Me was released on A24’s YouTube channel on April 11, 2023. The trailer highlights how Mia, played by Sophie Wilde, attends a seance with an embalmed hand after being convinced by her friends who had seen similar events on social media. Unfortunately, Mia’s encounter with the supernatural doesn’t end there, as she continues to be haunted by demons even after the seance ends.

On June 6, 2023, the second trailer for Talk to Me came out on A24’s YouTube page. In the trailer, Sophie Wilde’s character, Mia, goes to her first seance with the embalmed hands and makes a dangerous connection with them. At the same time, demonic forces are after her and her friends.

What Is the Plot for Talk to Me?

In Talk to Me, a girl named Mia (Sophie Wilde), who just lost her mother, goes to parties hosted by Hayley (Zoe Terakes) and Joss (Chris Alosio). The main thing at these parties is a supernatural game with an embalmed, written-on hand that lets a random spirit take over whoever holds it. The rule is that you can’t hold the hand for more than 90 seconds. If you do, the spirit can move into the possessed person for good. There are a lot of these parties, and they quickly turn into something bad. The kids can open the door to worlds they can’t see but don’t know how to close it. Mia gets too excited about the game, and her hidden goals make her go too far, leading to a friend’s horrible death. This tragedy and Mia’s memories of a traumatic past that keeps returning to her link the supernatural things happening outside and Mia’s inner exploration of how trauma affects the mind. There was darkness inside and darkness outside. The story is similar to the old saying, “As above, so below.”

The official plot synopsis for the film:

Conjuring spirits has become the latest local party craze, and looking for a distraction on her mother’s death anniversary, teenage Mia (Sophie Wilde) is determined to get a piece of the otherworldly action. When her friends gather for another unruly séance with the mysterious embalmed hand that promises a direct line to the spirits, they’re unprepared for the consequences of bending the rules through prolonged contact. As the boundary between worlds collapses and disturbing supernatural visions increasingly haunt Mia, she rushes to undo the horrific damage before it’s irreversible.

Who is the Director of Talk to Me?

Talk to Me 3

Daniel and Michael Philippou, both YouTubers Daniel Philippou and Bill Hinzman, wrote the script for the Australian movie. Samantha Jennings and Kristina Geyton of Causeway Films made the movie. After making the critically praised movies The Babadook and The Nightingale, this is another win for them. Aaron McLisky did the film’s cinematography, and Cornel Wilczek wrote the film’s score.

Where can I watch Talk to Me horror Movie?

If you are keen on watching the highly-rated show Talk to Me, you’ll be delighted to discover that it is accessible for online streaming. You can register for a free trial of Hulu to gain full access to this popular program. With your subscription, you’ll have the added convenience of streaming Talk to Me at your leisure without interruptions. So why wait? Take advantage of this opportunity today and start experiencing all the amazing content that Hulu has to offer!

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