Tamar Braxton is set up by David Adefeso, according to this video – Fans hope she’s ready for it

While David Adefeso is a loving boyfriend of Tamar Braxton, he sometimes likes to drag her around a bit.

Over the weekend, the businessman decided to take the singer and reality star on a romantic vacation for New Years Eve.

David posted a brief video where they are walking in LAX, California en route to board their flights.

In the legend, David explained that Tamar is more or less stressful because he already misses his son, Logan Herbert.

He said, “On our way to this fantastic tropical resort for the New Year. My @tamarbraxton already has baby withdrawal symptoms… 7 days away from Beans????????????????! How are we ever going to survive this “Southern Adult Mecca” with the clear blue tropical ocean, surfing at dawn, kayaking at midday and lounging by the private pool under sunset Sun? Hmph… ..???? ”

Tamar responded by saying that he was missing both his weaving glue and his son: “I am not. I left my woven glue. My pieces come out.” I am ready to go see my baby. ????????????????????????‍♀️????☹️ ”

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Yesterday, my @tamarbraxton, Beans and I organized our first family thank you dinner. My dynamic 80-year-old mother, my sister, my brother-in-law and my niece as well as more than 30 close friends were present. We had a blast !!! It always amazes me how Tamar and my family have caught each other since their meeting in Nigeria; they love her and she loves them right away. During dessert, my mother got up to speak and called Tamar her daughter. I was not surprised: my family became attached to the superb comparison, the deep kindness and the contagious sense of humor of Tamar almost as strongly as to his deeply Christian and conservative African roots. What if my family didn’t accept it? As with many African American families, many African parents and families tend to be too involved in their children’s relationships and married life, often at the expense of the young couple’s relationship (heck, I saw some of the my friends’ moms move into the couple’s home right after their wedding, which makes life so miserable for the stepdaughter so often). I swore that I would never put Tamar in the misery that I saw other couples cross with the man’s family. So I informed my family from the start that they had no choice! They love Tamar as they love me and accept it as I accept it … or they risk losing me completely. Needless to say, I didn’t have to worry !! My mother treats Tamar as her 4th daughter (I have 3 sisters) and Beans as her 13th grandchild, my sisters cherish her as they do each other, and my brothers love my @tamarbraxton almost as much as I do. Welcome to the Adefeso family, Tamar !! I am so grateful and I give thanks that God has brought you and your Beans into my life. A word to all the young and strong brothers who are in touch with our beautiful black sistas: please stand up for your daughter! Once you choose it, it becomes your # 1 in life; and it comes before the rest of your family: before your mom, your sisters and even before you !! And that’s how to keep a house happy! #happythanksgiving #godblessournewfamily ❤️❤️❤️❤️

A post shared by David Adefeso (@ david.adefeso) November 29, 2019 at 2:19 p.m. PST

Most fans believe that vacations are a configuration that David suggests and even having a baby.

One person said, “They sell glue to weave everywhere … But I understand that your baby is missing … we have a life to live, so live it, Bean knows how much you love him, but mom sometimes has to recharge to have a healthy and happy life, enjoy your man, every moment ❤️❤️. “

This disciple wrote: “Girl washes the weaving! Let yourself start 2020 carefree and enjoy your MAANNN. Children are resistant and love when mom comes home happy and refreshed. I love you all together! Play and take other beans! ???? ”

The contributor shared: “I know you miss Beans. You deserve this trip with your amazing man. Beans can probably also use the break. ♥ ️ ♥ ️ I see a proposal from this trip…. It’s a configuration !!!
It’s also amazing how much he loves Beans too. Try to take advantage of it. We love you, TayTay! ???????????? ”

This fourth commentator sided with Tamar and said that she should be with Logan for the holidays: “Listen to your instinct tells you to go see your baby go to see your baby I know you are not bringing the new year without your baby by your side. “


There is a lot of kindness in this clan.

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