Tamar Braxton Says She’s Over This Coronavirus Issue– She Wants Her Life Back

Tamar Braxton is getting actually irritated by this global crisis we’re all in. She shared a couple of ideas with her followers on Twitter, and you can examine them out below.

‘Hello, my name is Tamar Braxton & I officially OVER IT!! This cooking, cleaning, going to the grocery store every day is not what I want to do with my time. It was cute at first, but it has totally played itself out. Coronavirus please hurry & clear TF up. I want my life back. Thnx,’ Tamar posted on social media.

Since it’s not a joke,

Individuals hopped in the remarks and asked Tamar to take this thing more seriously.

Somebody informed her: ‘You’ re taking a look at least 18 months prior to the vaccine is all set to utilize. This is going to be a long 18 months. Please remain athome Stay well.’

Hey there, my name is Tamar Braxton & & I formally OVER IT!! This cooking, cleansing, going to the supermarket EVERYDAY is not what I wish to finish with my time. It was charming at first however it has actually absolutely played itself out. Coronavirus please rush & & clear TF up. I desire my life back. Thnx

— TAMAR ESTINE BRAXTON (@TamarBraxtonHer) March 18, 2020

Another fan stated: ‘I’ ve been grocery shopping every day, however it’s my standard. I do not do the entire binge, as soon as a month of groceries– plus I have Sam’s and Costco membership, guess I need to get on board ♀’

Somebody else posted this: ‘Please ooo remain inside. Work from home for the fear of Coronavirus is the beginning of winning of this pandemic.’

One commenter composed: ‘Ok! We are short-order cooks hunny! May as well get a tip jar and bell for the kitchen….and let’ s not talk about the laundry!’

A fan posted: ‘But you’ re not expected to be at the supermarket every day …’ and somebody else stated this: ‘Tamar… you’ re human like us sweetie get to it !!! Reality has actually struck!’

In other better news, Tamar made her fans pleased a few days ago with some actually beautiful posts for her birthday.


She was attempting to be as positive and favorable as possible, and she even shared some brand-new posts on her social media account.

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